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Billionaires For Wealthcare: Worth A Look And A Laugh At A Mockery Of Those Against A Just And Affordable Healthcare System

A new kind of healthcare protester showed up at a townhall meeting over the healthcare issue given by Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA) called Billionaires For Wealthcare . This irreverant group really puts the spotlight on the lack of human empathy that America has become as it has shifted to a country “of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation”. Maybe this is the best way to show what is wrong with this country in its present state and provide a real discussion on that which the media refuses. Some of the anti-healthcare protesters are too ignorant to even realize they are being mocked which adds to the humor.


Edward M. Kennedy 1932-2009 “For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die”

For all of those that want to keep the dream of a better world and a better, more compassionate country with a greater amount of human empathy. For those that wish to share their memories of Senator Kennedy, go here . To follow Kennedy family events, go here .

The Sibel Edmonds Deposition Videos and Transcripts Have Been Released

August 24, 2009 2 comments

The much anticipated video of Sibel Edmonds’s deposition in the Schmidt v Krikorian case has been released. The transcript can be found here.
You can also watch them here in my video list.

Congressional Progressive Caucus Draws a Line in the Sand Regarding Health Care Reform

Urged on by progressives such as Jane Hamsher at firedoglake and grassroots organizations such as Democracy For America and the Progressive Democrats of America, the Progressive Caucus decided to clear the air when there were hints the public option might be dropped and when Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the public option was “not the essential element in comprehensive reform”. Raul Grijalva, Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus sent a letter exclaiming disappointment in what Sebelius said and warning that the public option MUST be included in the final bill to recieve the votes of the members of the CPC. The members signed another letter that was sent to Speaker Pelosi and the House leadership that said they would oppose any weakening of the public option. Since the public option IS the key to real reform, it was good to see the caucus stand its ground on the major cost containment element in the bill HR 3200.

Whistleblower Wendell Potter Talks About Healthcare Reform And The Tactics Being Used Against Reform

Rep. Louise Slaughter, D (NY), held a press conference on our need for reform and wider coverage for more Americans. She brought in whistleblower Wendell Potter, former insurance executive with Cigna, to discuss tactics being used by various groups and insurance companies to either defeat reform or to make it more profitable for them, not to better the lives of US citizens. It’s important to know how they do it and how they distort the process.

Rep. Jean Schmidt, R (OH), Drops Four Claims Against Krikorian Following The Sibel Edmonds Deposition

Both the Armenian Weekly and Bradblog have reported this past week that Rep. Jean Schmidt’s attorneys petitioned the court on August 13th to add a new claim after dropping four of her initial false statement charges against Krikorian to the Ohio Elections Commission. According to Armenian Weekly , Schmidt took more money from the Turkish lobby during the 2008 elections than other members of Congress.

Both Bradblog and the Armenian Weekly have also reported that the Cincinnatti Enquirer, which endorsed Schmidt in the previous election, emphasized the new claim while downplaying the dropping of four previous claims or charges. They also report the Enquirer changed it’s initial article after the Krikorian campaign challenged their initial edition. As you can read from the Enquirer by Jon Craig, Craig makes the assertion Krikorian probably made false statements. The Krikorian campaign saw this as Schmidt having conceded that Schmidt admits to denying the Armenian genocide in a press release Bradblog obtained and posted. Bradblog also posted the earlier version the Enquirer ran before the campaign’s complaint.

Of course, the question remains of where is the mainstream press and broadcast media on all of this? During Edmond’s deposition, the only press present was foreign and American coverage was primarily bloggers. They are still absent even though the DOJ and the FBI did not stop the deposition. And doesn’t the fact Schmidt dropped four charges following the deposition raise legitimate questions for journalists to ask? We will see if any show up for the upcoming hearing. Isn’t it about time we started asking them?

Eunice Kennedy Shriver Has Died

According to CNN, Eunice Kennedy Shriver has died. She was the sister of President John F. Kennedy and founder of Special Olympics. She was 88. According to the report, her husband, five children with their spouses, and all 19 grandchildren were with her.

She will be sorely missed as those of us who have family members diagosed with developmental disabilities hold a special place in our hearts for her and work she did. According to the CNN report, 3.1 million people with mental disabilities participate in 228 programs in in 170 nations, according to the Special Olympics. I remember attending one of the Special Olympic events at which she spoke along with others and members of the Kennedy/Shriver family.

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