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The Largest Corporate Welfare Bill In U.S. History? Quite Possibly So. The Health Care Reform Bill Is Corporatism To Its Core.

After the speech, the media and Democrats lauded the speech as a victory for the American people while the Republicans kept up their “it’s socialism” lie to it’s fooled ideological base. The proposal outline by Obama is, of course, mandated private health insurance with some consumer protections and taxpayer subsidies for the poor with a promise to trim the already trimmed to the bone most efficient, less costly system inside the American goobly gook health care “system”, medicare. This probably makes the bill the biggest corporate welfare bill in history and private for profit health insurance a forced condition by law of being an American citizen. This is a highly ideological bill for the corporate interests being sold by the Democrats as “moderate” and by the Republicans as “liberal”. The fact these characterizations get traction in the United States is probably due to the fact that since the Reagan presidency, Americans are probably the most propagandized citizenry outside of North Korea. The sad thing is Obama in many respects chastised progressives in the party as being too ideological while they are the only ones who have compromised their position in the healthcare debate by accepting the idea of a public option in lieu of single payer. Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him? America needs that Progressive Party he attempted to create. Real facts are still with the single payer advocates. The American people will probably never know them unless they ever become intellectually curious enough to check. Will this be the biggest corporate welfare bill? Currently the growth of the military industrial complex is. But with the high annual medical cost inflation, who knows in the end? If there is no true and real public option without the 30% overhead of the for profit health insurance companies and available to anyone who would like to choose it, this is not a bill designed with the idea of maximum coverage at the least cost, but to keep those in charge of the world’s most expensive system with the least access in charge.

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