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A View of the Healthcare Debate From Inside The American Plutonomy.

Those that have gone to see “Capitalism: A Love Story“, the new Michael Moore movie, have become familiar with the Citigroup memo about the United States being a “plutonomy”.  A plutonomy is “an economy driven by or that disproportionately benefits wealthy people, or one where the creation of wealth is the primary goal”.  The memo was essentially saying that investors should invest in those investments related to the rich and their lifestyles.  It suggested the American Plutonomy would continue to strengthen as long as the rest of Americans (non plutocracy) didn’t catch on that 1% of the population controlled over 50% of the nation’s wealth and thus have a populist revolt.

One of the things the memo warned about concerning the plutonomy and related investments was the concept of one man, one vote and a scenario where the 99% became wise to the set up.  So far, the plutonomy had been holding up since Reagan.  As long as Reaganomics (once called voo doo economics) was believed by enough of the 99%, everything would hold firm.  As long as corporatism could be equated with freedom instead of the rights enumerated in the Constitution, the belief could hold.  That is, until the failure of its myths become self evident.  The belief in continual tax cuts at the top, deregulation, massive military spending, sending jobs overseas for cheaper labor, and no spending on the public welfare is a panacea with everyone becoming rich may finally be cracking under our recent economic failure.  And so, if the people do not vote the way the 1% want, what is the strategy going forward for the control by the 1%?  Using the healthcare reform debate as a guide the corporate lobbyists step in and buy our representatives and they fund lies about other healthcare systems.  Hence, the current fight on healthcare reform, the Baucus Bill and the fight against a public option.  With this in mind, watch the Special Comment by Olbermann and ask yourself if the profit margins of the for profit health insurance companies are more important than your health, your family’s health, your life, and your well being.

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