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How Many Federal Violations Are Involved In Palin’s Book Tour?

As revealed in Old Redneck’s diary at DailyKos titled The Palin-Graham Connection and Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis, Palin has been flying around in an aircraft provided by Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse is self described as an

“International Christian relief and evangelism organization that provides spiritual and physical aid to victims of war, poverty, natural disaster, and disease.”

A cursory look at the Beechcraft/King Air 300 tail number N262SP at flightaware.com indicates the flight activity for this aircraft is being blocked by the owner. As Old Redneck asks in his diary, wouldn’t this be a violation of Samaritan’s Purse’s 501c(3) status? It appears Palin would fly in this aircraft to a location near her book signing and then get on her bus to ride into towns and places to sign her book like Ft. Bragg which leads to another question concerning violations.

As reported by military.com from the AP in the article, “Some Anti-Obama Tones to Palin Bragg Visit“,

Palin’s tour bus parked nearby, splashed with her photo, encouraged donations to her political action committee, while supporters made clear that she should run for president.

Palin’s father, who greeted visitors as his daughter signed copies of the book, said in an interview that Obama’s handling of the military was “scary.”

“I see a decline in our might,” Chuck Heath said. “People used to be afraid of us and respect us, (but) they’re not afraid of us and don’t respect us anymore.”

How blatant do violations of Federal Law (Titles 10, 2, and 18, United States Code), Department of Defense (DOD) Directives, and specific military regulations strictly limiting a military active duty person’s participation in partisan political activities have to be? Can you get any more obvious concerning partisan political activities than those of SarahPAC? And in regard to Sarah Palin herself, she is known in the reality based community as someone who speaks dishonestly with subversive undertones concerning the standing Commander In Chief of the United States Armed Forces so why is she touring US military bases? A recent example is her interview with Greta Van Sustern where Palin accuses President Obama of not acknowledging or respecting the troops. She did this despite Obama’s recent visit to Dover Air Force Base to honor the fallen, something his Republican predecessor did not do when they were flown in under the cover of darkness, a practice reminiscent of World War II Germany when the German leadership kept the fallen from German public eyes. So where is the “liberal” media on this? Nowhere I imagine just as when the Bush/Cheney Administration broke US Laws, violated the Constitution of the United States and International Law. I guess when compared with that, it’s not important?

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