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Haiti And The American Right. You Knew It Was Coming.

The use of racism in American politics is nothing new, especially since this country had slavery of African Americans from its colonial beginnings. But through a Civil War and determined struggle by brave people in our past, racism as an institutional blight on the United States began to wane despite resistance from its white population and horrendous Supreme Court decisions. Later, social acceptance of racism was relegated to rightwing hate groups. That is, until Richard Nixon and the Republican Party decided to push racial division with its “Southern Strategy” to tap into racial resistance to Great Society policies for social and economic justice. With the rise of the mythic Ronald Reagan and his voo doo political economics came the use of the term “welfare queen“, and the rise of rightwing talk radio with their idea of equivalence of race with poverty and injustice and the responsibility of government to provide programs that are designed to alleviate it to promote the general welfare of the people is somehow in their eyes unnecessary and represents “big government”. You can see it clearly in the latest words of hate speaker and propagandist Rush Limbaugh and with the latest from the Christian Right’s Pat Robertson.

Someone needs to inform Limbaugh and Robertson that the condition of Haiti is not due to its racial makeup, liberalism or tax policy, communism, or pacts with the devil, but was mainly made in the USA with the added CIA Narco-colonialism.

The multinational corporate interests that back the infrastructure of the American rightwing benefit from racial politics. It divides up the have nots in our society to dilute any political success they might garnish if they pulled together into a political movement. Racial politics is involved in the demonization of ACORN and union busting, privatizing government services and the appointment of conservative radicals on our judiciary. It is used in our foreign policy and free trade exploitation of third world countries for cheap labor, and especially ethnic fear that has led to abuse of immigrants, acceptance of torture and pre-emptive war with covert operations and propaganda to cover up our true designs of multinational corporate control of oil reserves and the natural gas trade. This needs to change if we want a better sustainable future for our children.

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