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As Progressives Knew, The Hard Right Supreme Court And the Judiciary Packed By Republican Presidents Wasn’t All About “Saving Babies” Or Stopping “Liberal Activist Judges”.

As progressives as well as civil libertarians knew, the hard right judges on the Supreme Court and America’s District Courts wasn’t so much about “saving babies” (Roe V. Wade) or “liberal activist” judges, but was about putting power in corporate interests and increasing power of the executive branch of the United States. But while you could argue with the myopic Roman Catholic Church (of which I belong) or the Christian Right all you want to about the Constitution, the fear of many Constitutional scholars and civil libertarians was further made reality with today’s Supreme Court decision. The judges the American right has been tapping into are from a group called The Federalist Society and not really associated much with the American Bar Association philosophically. They have believed in a “Constitution in exile” and believe that much of American legal development of the past 200 years has gotten it wrong. This group also pushes hard the “unitary executive” theories that played some part in the illegalities and stands of the Bush imperial presidency. In today’s ruling in Citizens United v. the FEC, the “corporate person” was granted the decision that its riches are “free speech” and is further solidified and protected from interference of flesh and bones persons when it comes to the American political process. The ruling can be read here.

The reaction to the decision by public interest groups was swift.

A coalition of public interest organizations strongly condemned today’s ruling by the US Supreme Court allowing unlimited corporate money in US elections and announced that it is launching a campaign to amend the United States Constitution to overturn the ruling. The groups, Voter Action, Public Citizen, the Center for Corporate Policy, and the American Independent Business Alliance, say the Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC poses a serious and direct threat to democracy.

“Free speech rights are for people, not corporations,” says John Bonifaz, Voter Action’s legal director. “In wrongly assigning First Amendment protections to corporations, the Supreme Court has now unleashed a torrent of corporate money in our political process unmatched by any campaign expenditure totals in US history. This campaign to amend the Constitution will seek to restore the First Amendment to its original purpose.”

As the Tea Bag movement continues their fight against the “big government takeover” of the private sector as they march hand in hand with Alice in Wonderland, we in the reality based community who constitute the reality based fight against the corporate takeover of government must continue to do so with determination and resolve.

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