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Amy Goodman Of Democracy Now! Files Law Suit Against City And State Officials Over RNC Convention Arrests. Meanwhile, The Trial For The RNC 8 Continues While The Media Ignores It All. The Duplicity Of Media And State Continues In The United States.

We’ve all been treated in the last two years to armed protestors calling for open rebellion against the government, their inciteful speech to violence, the bricks thrown through the windows of Democratic Party government office members, the death threats, etc.. We have been treated to heavy media coverage of right wing protests whose numbers were nothing compared to earlier protests in this decade and the political and policy issues raised this decade. This is quite a contrast to the protests against the Bush administration where protestors protesting real actions and misdeeds of government rather than made up matters such as “Marxism” or stories concerning the birth certificate of a president and with the protestors not being armed nor threatening government overthrow. The mistreatment of protestors and of journalists covering the Republican National Convention in 2008 was accented this past week with the suit filed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and two of her producers against the cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul and the state of Minnesota. As indicated in this story from The New York Times titled “Minnesota: Journalist Sues Over Convention Arrest” ,

The three were among an estimated 40 to 50 journalists who were arrested covering street protests in downtown St. Paul, along with about 800 demonstrators and bystanders. The Minneapolis police helped provide security during the convention.

This, ironically, was also the week of the beginning of the RNC 8 hearings. What’s the RNC 8 you ask? That’s not surprising since the mainstream corporate media doesn’t really cover such matters and hasn’t since before the Bush administration took office. And if you partake of right wing media, well you haven’t visited planet earth in quite a while. Information on the RNC 8 can be followed on the website Friends of the RNC 8. The following can give you an idea of the background and you can keep up with the proceedings,

The RNC 8/RNC Eight are organizers against the 2008 Twin Cities Republican National Convention who have been falsely charged in response to their political organizing: Luce Guillen-Givins, Max Specktor, Nathanael Secor, Eryn Trimmer, Monica Bicking, Erik Oseland, Robert Czernik and Garrett Fitzgerald.

On Saturday, August 30th 2008, the Ramsey County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Department executed search warrants on three houses, seizing personal and common household items and arresting RNC organizers Monica Bicking, Garrett Fitzgerald, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, and Eryn Trimmer. Later that day Luce Guillen-Givins was arrested leaving a public meeting at a park. Rob Czernik and Max Specktor were arrested on Monday, September 1. These arrests were preemptive, targeting known organizers in an attempt to derail 2008 anti-RNC protests in St. Paul, MN before the convention had even begun. The “RNC 8″ were originally charged with conspiracy to riot in the 2nd degree in furtherance of terrorism, a felony which was the first ever use of Minnesota’s PATRIOT Act.

We have been living through an era (in the 21st century) where we lost our Bill of Rights and the Writ of Habeas Corpus. Our commercial broadcast media has kept many Americans in the dark or in some cases misinformed. We have lived through an era where journalistic questions and/or truth telling can be revolutionary acts where people could lose their jobs (such as questions concerning the Iraq War) as was the case with Phil Donuhue or Ashleigh Banfield though Ashleigh has been rehired or you could be a covert agent of the CIA such as with Valerie Plame and be outed by your own government. Hopefully, that which divides us today, namely access to real information, can one day again keep us free and united. Until such a time should return, I’ll leave you with the words of the late great Edward R. Murrow, Good Night and Good Luck“.

  1. themadjewess
    July 1, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Right wing is slient and letting the Communists take over, IF they had done this fake violence as you are suggesting, we would be in JAIL.

    • americancommentary
      July 1, 2010 at 3:15 pm

      These things did happen. Otherwise, you would not have read about it here.

  2. themadjewess
    July 1, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    I read the NEWS 24/7.
    Democrats are in power, they do ZERO to get this nation united. NOTHING.
    Bologna, the tea parties are WEAK, which is why I PART with them, they are totally NON Violent. We should be having a bloody civil war, imo.
    You all are luucky I am not in control.

  3. themadjewess
    July 1, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Just like the so called “N” word, what a LAUGH!
    You little libby’s keep me LOL.
    Where is the vid of what happened?
    You cant believe that I can ‘believe’ this, do you?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha………
    Later, tot.

    • americancommentary
      July 1, 2010 at 3:50 pm

      I provided the links.

  4. themadjewess
    July 1, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    Yep, well, I cant really believe that.
    It is not national media, so its just untruth.

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