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Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Admits The Reasons For War Were Invalid

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In a report from Baghdad by Richard Spencer in Australia’s Newspaper, The Age, titled “Reason for war invalid: Gates“, he reports that at a ceremony marking the end of the U.S. campaign, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said that the problem for many Americans,

is that the premise on which we justified going to war proved not to be valid

and that before the ceremony

it will always be clouded by how it began

no matter the outcome.

The ceremony was marking the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the beginning of Operation New Dawn and was held at US force’s headquarters of Faw Palace. Speakers at the ceremony spoke mainly on the many years of bloodshed that followed the unprovoked invasion. Vice President Joe Biden said that the 7 1/2 years

tested our mettle like no other conflict in recent American history

and reiterated the division in America in the war’s aftermath. Biden also said,

politics has broken out in Iraq

in reference to the ongoing negotiations to still form a government there. The report also included a quote from a car salesman in Baghdad that many people are still scared of what may come.  Afterall, the United States created a failed state to be preyed upon by multi-national corporate interests, but the government is still not firmly formed and stable.

There still is no accountability for this in the United States

Unlike Britain, there has been no inquiry into the legality or illegality of the Iraq war and no real accounting on the false pretenses used in the U.S. .  That is because even though power changed parties in the U.S., the Democratic Party and its policies have been under the control of the DLC or Democratic Leadership Council and its think tanks which is a conservative or neo-conservative (neo-liberal) group that touts itself as “centrist” (despite the false fantasies of US domestic politics that liberals or real progressives have had any influence on US domestic and foreign policy in the last thirty years).  As long as there is no accounting of the Bush Administration’s actions in the U.S., the real world opinion outside the confines of U.S. domestic propaganda will continue to be negative as it has been since the dawn of the neoconservative darkness in America.


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