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Conservative Candidate Doug Hoffman Linked To Taliban Backer And Abramoff Friend Dana Rohrabacher.

The Conservative movement’s candidate Doug Hoffman , a candidate backed by the rightwing Club For Growth, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, now has the backing of Dana Rohrabacher who has a history of ties and support of Afghanistan’s Mujahedin and the Taliban. One could only imagine the type of attacks on a Democratic Party candidate in the NY 23rd District Congressional race if the candidate had those ties, from the backers of Hoffman like Sarah “Obama pals around with terrorists” Palin and the blowhard political hate speakers and spin doctors Limbaugh and Beck. Of course, America’s hard right, that which drove our country in the financial and moral gutter it has found itself in after the election of Bush/Cheney, depends on its loyal base to continue to listen to hate radio, Fox “News”, and never seek a working knowledge of facts or history. And of course the imaginary “liberal” mainstream media hard right believers believe exists will remain silent (because there isn’t a liberal mainstream media in America, just a couple of shows on MSNBC that lean that way). It’s all part of the permanence of the divide in this country unless there is media reform that brings back fact based reporting and presents diversity among those who they interview on their Sunday talk shows. Gringrich, to his credit, is criticizing his candidacy.


Owens (D) wins over far right Hoffman. Scozzafava (R) had withdrawn over the weekend and threw her support to Owens. Owens won with 49% of the vote to Hoffman’s 46%.