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Rep. Jean Schmidt, R (OH), Drops Four Claims Against Krikorian Following The Sibel Edmonds Deposition

Both the Armenian Weekly and Bradblog have reported this past week that Rep. Jean Schmidt’s attorneys petitioned the court on August 13th to add a new claim after dropping four of her initial false statement charges against Krikorian to the Ohio Elections Commission. According to Armenian Weekly , Schmidt took more money from the Turkish lobby during the 2008 elections than other members of Congress.

Both Bradblog and the Armenian Weekly have also reported that the Cincinnatti Enquirer, which endorsed Schmidt in the previous election, emphasized the new claim while downplaying the dropping of four previous claims or charges. They also report the Enquirer changed it’s initial article after the Krikorian campaign challenged their initial edition. As you can read from the Enquirer by Jon Craig, Craig makes the assertion Krikorian probably made false statements. The Krikorian campaign saw this as Schmidt having conceded that Schmidt admits to denying the Armenian genocide in a press release Bradblog obtained and posted. Bradblog also posted the earlier version the Enquirer ran before the campaign’s complaint.

Of course, the question remains of where is the mainstream press and broadcast media on all of this? During Edmond’s deposition, the only press present was foreign and American coverage was primarily bloggers. They are still absent even though the DOJ and the FBI did not stop the deposition. And doesn’t the fact Schmidt dropped four charges following the deposition raise legitimate questions for journalists to ask? We will see if any show up for the upcoming hearing. Isn’t it about time we started asking them?