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Arizona Government Officials Dabble In Fascist Legal Tactics. Goal Could Be To Continue The Republican Party Practice Of Minority Voter Suppression On Election Day.

By now, many Americans are familiar with Arizona’s new anti-immigration law, SB 1070, and the controversy surrounding it. To some, it is the answer to Arizona’s undocumented worker problem while others see it for its fascist like approach in dealing with the problem instead of addressing the real issue, that being, the employers that hire undocumented workers to drive down wages for profit or to bust union labor. Truth is, free societies do not stop, single out, and detain people based on their racial or ethnic appearances and demand to “see their papers”. But no matter what side one may view the debate, many of Americans do not really know the beliefs and dark ties to history those that have brought the law forward have. They also, might not be familiar with the true motivations of the political class either. Let’s start by taking a look at a piece done by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show and what was discussed.

Looking at the April 26th 2010 show and it transcripts, we gather the following insight

Before this bill was actually signed into law, we told you about the guy who introduced it in the first place. It’s this guy, Republican state senator Russell Pearce. Mr. Pearce is famous in Arizona for having sent an email to his supporters that included a white nationalist screed – accusing the media of pushing the view of ‘a world in which every voice proclaims the equality of the races, the inerrant nature of the Jewish ‘Holocaust’ tale, the wickedness of attempting to halt the flood non-White aliens pouring across our borders…’ Mr. Pearce sent that around to all his supporters, a move he latter apologized for. Russell Pearce is also famous for having been caught on tape hugging a neo-Nazi. …

But if you want to meet the guy who’s taking credit for writing the new law. That would be a gentleman named Kris Kobach. Kris Kobach is a birther. He’s running for secretary of state in Kansas right now. His campaign website today brags ‘Kobach Wins One in Arizona.’

The guy who helped write Arizona’s new ‘immigration’ bill is also an attorney for the Immigration Reform Law Institute. That’s the legal arm of an immigration group that’s called FAIR – the ‘Federation For American Immigration Reform.’ FAIR was founded in 1979 by a man named John Tanton. Mr. Tanton is still listed as a member of FAIR’s board of directors.

That’s FAIR, who helped write Arizona’s new anti-immigrant law. After John Tanton got FAIR off the ground, for nine of the first years of the group’s existence, the group reportedly received more than a million dollars in funding from something called The Pioneer Fund. The Pioneer Fund describes itself as a group formed ‘in the Darwinian-Galtonian evolutionary tradition, and the eugenics movement.’

Let’s take a look at some of the work of Heidi Beirich in her SPLC Intelligence Report on John Tanton and FAIR called, “Where Anti-Immigrant Zealots Like Lou Dobbs Get Their ‘Facts’” . Here are some note worthy quotes

At the center of the Tanton web is the nonprofit Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the most important organization fueling the backlash against immigration. Founded by Tanton in 1979, FAIR has long been marked by anti-Latino and anti-Catholic attitudes. It has mixed this bigotry with a fondness for eugenics, the idea of breeding better humans discredited by its Nazi associations. It has accepted $1.2 million from an infamous, racist eugenics foundation. It has employed officials in key positions who are also members of white supremacist groups. Recently, it has promoted racist conspiracy theories about Mexico’s secret designs on the American Southwest and an alternative theory alleging secret plans to merge the United States, Mexico and Canada. Just last February, FAIR President Dan Stein sought “advice” from the leaders of a racist Belgian political party. …

As long ago as 1988, when a series of internal 1986 documents known as the WITAN memos were leaked to the press, Tanton’s bigoted attitudes have been known. In the memos, written to colleagues on the staff of FAIR, Tanton warned of a coming “Latin onslaught” and worried that high Latino birth rates would lead “the present majority to hand over its political power to a group that is simply more fertile.” Tanton repeatedly demeaned Latinos in the memos, asking whether they would “bring with them the tradition of the mordida [bribe], the lack of involvement in public affairs” and also questioning Latinos’ “educability.” …

In 1994, Tanton’s Social Contract Press republished an openly racist French book, The Camp of the Saints, with Tanton writing that he was “honored” to republish the race war novel. What Tanton called a “prescient” book describes the takeover of France by “swarthy hordes” of Indians, “grotesque little beggars from the streets of Calcutta,” who arrive in a desperate refugee flotilla. It attacks white liberals who, rather than turn the Indians away, “empty out all our hospital beds so that cholera-ridden and leprous wretches could sprawl between white sheets … and cram our nurseries full of monster children.” It explains how, after the Indians take over France, white women are sent to a “whorehouse for Hindus.” In an afterword special to Tanton’s edition of the novel, author Jean Raspail wrote about his fears that “the proliferation of other races dooms our race, my race, to extinction.”

While we are at it, let’s take a look at a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center titled, “The Puppeteer” concerning Tanton. The report begins with right wing hero U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo) and Brian Blibray, former Republican Rep from San Diego talking to 27 anti-immigration activists and funded by NumbersUSA, part of the interlocking network of independent groups associated with John Tanton. In that meeting, Tancredo said that countries were pushing immigration to “erode American sovereignty.

“China is trying to export people. It’s a policy for them, a way of extending their hegemony. It’s a government-sponsored thing.”

he said. Bilbray followed up by saying,

“We are creating a slave class that criminal elements breed in.”

Other notable quotes concerning this network and its power are as follows,

Praising the post-9/11 sweeps of Arab communities by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) that resulted in the indefinite detention of more than a thousand people, Bilbray called for the INS to carry out an enlarged dragnet. “We could have a terrorist coming in on a Latin name,” he said. …

In fact, the vast majority of American anti-immigration groups — more than a dozen in all — were either formed, led, or in other ways made possible through Tanton’s efforts.

The principal funding arm of the movement, U.S. Inc., is a Tanton creation, and millions of dollars in financing comes from just a few of his allies, far-right foundations like those controlled by the family of Richard Mellon Scaife. …

Finally, even as activists court increasing numbers of national politicians in the wake of Sept. 11, the Report’s investigation reveals that they are moving in large numbers into the arms of hate groups like the Council of Conservative Citizens — a 15,000-member organization whose website recently described blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.” …

That such groups, with their increasingly direct links to racist organizations, should have real power in the nation’s capital may seem hard to believe.

But Americans have grown increasingly xenophobic in the wake of the September terrorist attacks, and the rapid growth of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus that Tancredo heads reflects that — from just 10 legislators prior to the attacks to 59 by May.

And of course there is the the Pioneer Fund funding issue, a fund that has had links to sterilization efforts based on race and disability in America’s past as well as the eugenics effort in Nazi Germany. a little background can be gleaned in ths piece by Barry Mehler titled, “Race and ‘Reason’ Academic ideas a pillar of racist thought“.

Behind the ideas of race scientists for the past half-century, there has been money — and lots of it.
If you scratch the surface of almost any of the prominent race scientists of recent decades, you will find the same well-endowed institution: the Pioneer Fund. Established in 1937 to “improve the character of the American people” by promoting the study of eugenics and the procreation of descendants of the original white colonial stock, Pioneer has funded many of the leading Anglo-American race scientists of the last several decades. …

It notes the grants the people the fund has issued grants to (so called race scientists) and also mentions political connections as well such as

The world of the Pioneer Fund goes beyond pure science. For example, Pioneer leaders Harry Weyher and Thomas F. Ellis have been part of an interlocking set of directorates and associations linking the Fund to groups connected to Sen. Jesse Helms (R-N.C.), according to The Washington Post.

While a Pioneer director, Ellis served as chairman of both the National Congressional Club and the Coalition for Freedom, and co-founder of Fairness in Media — all organizations linked to Helms. In the 1980s, Weyher, the longtime president of the Fund, was simultaneously lead counsel for Fairness in Media. …

In mentioning some of its grantees, it mentions William Shockley (1910-89), a physicist at Stanford best known for his “voluntary sterilization plan,” received $188,710 between 1971 and 1978.

In his famous 1969 attack on Head Start — the early education program that aims to help poor children — Jensen wrote in the prestigious Harvard Education Review that the problem with black children was that they had an average IQ of only 85. No amount of social engineering could improve that performance, he claimed, adding that “eugenic foresight” was the only solution.

The founder of the fund was Wickliffe P. Draper who

In August 1935, Draper traveled to Berlin to attend the International Congress for the Scientific Investigation of Population Problems. Presiding over the conference was Wilhelm Frick, the German Minister of the Interior. At the conference, Draper’s travel companion, Dr. Clarence Campbell delivered an oration that concluded with the words: “The difference between the Jew and the Aryan is as unsurmountable [sic] as that between black and white. … Germany has set a pattern which other nations must follow. … To that great leader, Adolf Hitler!” Three years later, when Draper paid to print and disseminate the book, White America, by Earnest Sevier Cox, an advocate of white supremacy and racial segregation, a personal copy was delivered to Frick.

In 1937, Draper founded the Pioneer Fund, a foundation intended to give scholarships to descendants of white colonial-era families, and to support research into “race betterment” through eugenics. The scholarships were never given, but the first project of the fund was to distribute two documentary films from Nazi Germany depicting their claimed success with eugenics. The Pioneer Fund was headed by the eugenicist, Harry H. Laughlin, an advocate for restrictive immigration laws and national programs of compulsory sterilization of the mentally ill and mentally retarded.

In “The Nazi Connection” from is written,

Despite the criticism and worries about funding, Laughlin’s belief in immigration
restriction and the value of the Nazis’ eugenics policies remained unshaken.
Two years after he received his honorary degree, there was once again a move to allow Jewish refugees to enter the country. This time, the move was prompted by the violence that swept Germany and Austria on the night of November 10-11, 1938—Kristallnacht or the “Night of the Broken Glass” as it was later
known. That night gangs of Nazis smashed, looted, and burned Jewish homes,
businesses, and synagogues.

A month later, Laughlin reported on current projects to Wickliffe Preston Draper, a millionaire who had recently established the Pioneer Fund to fund eugenics outreach:
You will be interested to know that the moving picture film “Eugenics in Germany” has proven very popular with senior high school students. Up to date the film has been loaned 28 times. …

Eugenics in Germany was a version of a Nazi propaganda film entitled “Erbkrank,” or “The Genetically Diseased.” After showing the entire movie at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, Laughlin secured funding from Draper’s Pioneer Fund to distribute an edited version to the general public. Although the film depicts Jews as particularly susceptible to “hereditary degeneracy,” Laughlin told readers of the Eugenic News that it contained “no racial propaganda of any sort.”

While having received funds of such a fund with a dark and dubious past does not translate into FAIR being the same as those that started the fund, it further pushes the thought that the draconian aspects of the Arizona law has a racial tinge that can easily lead to abuses. The proof that the Arizona Republican party and its voters have a racism problem is that the Arizona state House also passed a birther bill which the Arizona Senate wisely shelved.

While race may be the determining motivation for many anti-immigration groups, investigative reporter Greg Palast has been pursuing a more political angle to the passage of SB 1070 at this time. Knowing xenophobia of a tide of immigrants across the border has always been a part and parcel of Arizona, Palast believes the motivation and target of the Arizona Republican Party with this bill might not have anything to do with illegal immigrants, but lies more with legal immigrant citizens of the area given past Republican behavior. He cites both the behavior of Arizona Republicans in the past including Governor Jan Brewer who signed this particular bill into law and her voter purges as Secretary of State as well as the Bush administration/Karl Rove voter suppression tactics that were hallmark of such behavior (he and civil rights attorney Bobby Kennedy investigated Arizona in 2008). Since voting if one is not a citizen is a felony, he went to investigate the 100,000 who would be jailed for doing do so, but there weren’t any. All of this, of course, dovetails with the Republican lies of “voter fraud” and the ACORN disproven nonsense that followers of right wing media still swear to as being real. In his new investigative report titled, “Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: GOP Game to Swipe the November Election” he writes

Brewer, then Secretary of State, had organized a racially loaded purge of the voter rolls that would have made Katherine Harris blush. Beginning after the 2004 election, under Brewer’s command, no less than 100,000 voters, overwhelmingly Hispanics, were blocked from registering to vote. In 2005, the first year of the Great Brown-Out, one in three Phoenix residents found their registration applications rejected. …

Which raises the question: were these disenfranchised voters the criminal, non-citizens Brewer tagged them, or just not-quite-white voters given the José Crow treatment, entrapped in document-chase trickery?

The answer was provided by a federal prosecutor who was sent on a crazy hunt all over the Western mesas looking for these illegal voters. “We took over 100 complaints, we investigated for almost 2 years, I didn’t find one prosecutable voter fraud case.”

This prosecutor, David Iglesias, is a prosecutor no more. When he refused to fabricate charges of illegal voting among immigrants, his firing was personally ordered by the President of the United States, George W. Bush, under orders from his boss, Karl Rove.

I suggest readers here follow the link to Palast’s website and read the whole thing. He has it right when he says,

But that’s the point, isn’t it? Not to stop non-citizens from entering Arizona — after all, who else would care for the country club lawn? — but to harass folks of the wrong color: Democratic blue.

It should be noted that following the passage of SB 1070, the Republicans in Congress are not for going forward with comprehensive immigration reform right now (as this might harm the purge attempts) even though many of them are distancing themselves from the bill and its fascist and/or Soviet style elements. In fact Lindsey Graham (who is being harrassed by a racist anti-immigrant group) backed out of his climate change bill cosponsored by John Kerry over the issue of the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform being taken up. It appears Palast is right on the money.


Children Of Immigrants Receive Scrooge For Christmas. The Tennessean Reports Charities Discriminate Against The Children Of Immigrants Even Though They Are Citizens.

Immigrants are usually the scapegoats of bad economic policy and have been exploited through the fear generated against others (and pushed for political reasons by those in government and certain media since 2001) but did you know programs to help needy children have a nice Christmas denies children of immigrants that chance? The Tennessean reporting on its Nashville area charities explored this practice on December 13th. The children, though citizens with their own social security numbers, are denied because of their parents’ status of not having one. The policy, however, goes back dozens of years, not due to recent hatred. It is a process where Toys For Tots, Angel Tree, and others, for example, track the gifts to make sure they go to local children. However, wouldn’t it be nicer to revisit the rules since these children are local and are US citizens? The child’s number should be enough, shouldn’t it?

“It saddens me because I was hopeful for my little girl,” Lara said. “Initially, I was told because she was born here that she qualified. Then they called me telling me she won’t get the toy.”

Angel Tree and the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots, two of the nation’s largest holiday gift programs, require parents to produce Social Security numbers for themselves and their children, along with proof of income and personal identification. The local leader of one group said such policies protect the programs from fraud and satisfy donors who want to be sure only local families are being helped.

But the result is that children, some of them U.S. citizens, are excluded because of immigration decisions beyond their control.

“It makes you wonder how many thousands of children here in Nashville, who were born here and live here, don’t have Christmas because this is the way these programs work,” said Melissa Garcia, a Nashville mother who discovered the program rules this year when she applied.

If you can find it in your heart, give such a child a gift in these hard times so they can have a Merry Christmas too.