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Italian Court Convicts 23 Americans In Rendition Case of Muslim Cleric.

The following quotes are from la Repubblicca :

MILAN – The judge in Milan ruled the Oscar Maggi decision not to prosecute the former head of SISMI Nicolo Pollari and his deputy Marco Mancini, on trial for the kidnapping of former Milan imam Abu Omar. They were sentenced instead of agents of the CIA, in large part to five years in prison, while Robert Seldon Lady, the CIA chief in Milan at the time, was sentenced to eight years. Officials SISMI Pio Pompa and Luciano Seno accused of abetting were sentenced to three years. However acquitted the former head of CIA in Italy Jeff Castelli. All defendants found guilty will have to compensate one million euros to the former imam. Wife Nabila Ghali will instead be paid 500 thousand euros. These sums have been decided by the court as an provisionally, while the amount of damages will be determined in a separate civil proceedings.

Pollari, some of his men and the 26 CIA agents were accused of taken the Muslim cleric Abu Omar, Under investigation by prosecutors in Milan for international terrorism, in February 2003. Abu Omar was then taken to Egypt, where he was tortured, so as to suffer permanent injury. For the SISMI Prosecutors had requested a sentence of 13 years imprisonment.

Concerning Pollari, the court had this to say:

Pollari for not having the procedure was ordered by the court on the basis of Article 202 of the Code of Criminal Procedure: “If the secret is confirmed and the definition of the process is essential knowledge of the secrecy of the court says can not rule having to proceed to the existence of state secrets. ” Pollari, said the sentence: “Without the state secrets would have proved my innocence.” The prosecutor Armando Spataro has also said: “The sentence demonstrates that our action was legally promoted.

Prosecutor Armando Spataro also said,

“Pollari and Mancini have not ensured security in Italy but, with their behavior, they have compromised.”

In all, 23 Americans were convicted for kidnapping. More as details develop.