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Working Class Hero: American Commentary’s 2010 Person of the Year

Deciding on who would be best as Person of the Year was difficult when it came down to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and the Senator who dared stand up against the multi-national corporate interests and the deal to extend failed Reaganomic ideology further in the Obama and Republican Party tax cut extentions. After careful consideration, it goes to Senator Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont for standing up for the shrinking middle class and growing lower income class of Americans who have been run over in the 21st century. If America is ever going to get back on its feet, it will take a movement motivated by people of Senator Sanders’s quality and moral certitude.

Senator Sanders begins his speech against the tax deal done without Democratic Party Congressional input and the take it or leave it approach.

Senator Sanders speaks out against the deal to cut social security funding with the so called payroll tax holiday.

Senator Sanders speaks out against the greed of the influencial monied interests.

Senator Sanders reads constituent letters.

Senator Sanders fights to amend the bad deal.